COVID-19 Updates

How we are keeping our doors open and keeping you safe!

Note from Pastor Kyle:

First, I want to say thank you so much for your graciousness as we have been meeting throughout the pandemic. As a church, we have done our best to submit to the local authorities that God has placed over us and I am proud of you and the way that we have done that throughout the pandemic. All that to say, I am excited to announce that we are lifting our mask and distancing requirements. It is earlier than I expected, but I hope you are excited to return to some sense of normalcy. 

I realize that this will come as a shock for some of you and feels too soon. I want to let you know that you are welcome to wear a mask as long as you want without judgment from us. We want to do everything possible to foster a culture where we can overlook petty differences and focus on the gospel of Jesus. We will also continue to make our online service available for those who will not be joining us in person. 

What to expect

  1. No social distancing: We leave it up to you if you choose to be in close physical interaction (i.e., hugging, handshakes) but we are in the process of moving chairs into the sanctuary to bring it back to our max capacity.
  2. Masks are not required: We do not require masks but they are welcomed.
  3. Sanitization: In an effort to comply with the handwashing recommendations, we have antibacterial soap with touch-less dispensers in bathrooms as well as a hand sanitizer stand near the main entrance.
  4. Kid City Ministry is open: Children are welcome to join the main service then proceed downstairs after the worship time. A couple Kid City volunteers (with completed background check) will watch the children during the message.